Simon and Lea

Hi, I’m Lea and that’s my boyfriend Fiance Husband, Salomon aka Simon next to me! We are love birds! I live in the St. Louis area and he lives in Kidderminster, England. Right now we are doing the long distances relationship thing for short term. Hopefully soon he will be moving here in the St. Louis area and we will live happy ever after. In 2018, Simon got his 10 year visa and moved here. In 2019, we purchased a house in the St. Louis, MO Area and love it. We both love going to events like baseball, hockey, football, concerts, alcoholic pairings, tours of different things, movies, going out to eat,  video games, traveling and many more.

Family Photo

Hi I’m Gina! I am a stay at home Mom to 3 wonderful little girls, Isabella 6, Sophia 3 and Lily. You’re probably asking yourself, “Wait I only see 2 little girls”. Well I am actually pregnant again with our 3rd baby girl. She is do this November and we are all crazy about meeting her. My poor husband feels a bit left out. We also have 2 other family members that are also girls. Our beagle named Precious and our cute little kitten named Katniss. Yes she is named after you know who and she totally lives up to her name. My husband and I have been married for 13 years (well that’s what it seems like) We met when I was 16 and he was 18 and have been together ever since. I am super excited to share my life with everyone and all the crafty/creative/unique/awesome ideas that I come up with.

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