A Day Out at Eckerts Farm in Belleville with Tips


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We had an amazing opportunity to go out to Belleville Farm and had the best time. When you read this and see TST it mean Top Secret Tips. It’s things I seen that might help when you go out to the Belleville farm.

We set out 7:30am to head an hour and a half away to Eckert’s in Belleville. Usually I just take the kids to the Grafton Farm but I nor them have been to the one in Belleville. The Belleville farm is one of their biggest farms. On the way there, every 15 mins I would hear from one of the Are we there yet? No, we are not there yet. I would tell them you’ll be able to see the Big Red Sign from the road. Driving along, I’m listening to music, the girls are asleep and you can see the Big Red Sign that says Eckert’s. Baby Liam yells out We are here, we are here! He was definitely really excited. We all get out of the car and the first stop they want to make is getting on the tractors and take a photo.

Our next stop was the Country Store. Soon as we walked in the store they seen the kids carts. They just had to take some for a spin around the store. We probably did 2 laps around the WHOLE Store.  Even then they still wanted to stay and use them more. We head outside and played golf. The girl definitely love golf (as my husband would say this isn’t golf “its CrAZy golf“. Golf is golf to me) and I think Baby Liam did too. We went and played in the tractor pit as we waited for a next to Pick us up.


So we could PYOA (Pick Your Own Apples).  TST: Get there early when they first open so you don’t have to wait for wagons. It does get busy fast. We got on the wagon and the kids wanted to sit at the Top of the wagon. We head out to the orchard and the kids were having a fun time on the wagon. We got to our stop and got off. As we were getting off one of the workers said “sample as many apples are you want.” I look at the kids and I think there jaw dropped.


We started walking the tree lines picking apples. The first one Princess Layla picks up she Immediately starts eating. She starts saying how they are really juicy and never really like red apples before. We picked 20 pounds of apples and head back to get back on the wagon. By this time they were ready to head back to the carnival rides and Camel/pony rides. We headed over to there we only had a hour because I made reservations at the restaurant.


We head over there and the first thing Baby Liam wanted to do is ride the Camel. He thought was was so awesome!! I even thought it was pretty cool! Then the girls wanted to ride the ponies. Princess Layla had only rode a pony a few times so she was really really excited. After we were done we had to start heading back to the Restaurant to eat. There were a bunch of people waiting but since I made reservations I went right in. TST: Call in the morning and make reservations if you plan on eating. The wait time this day at 12:30 was  45mins.  I knew what I wanted before going in there. There Famous All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken and MAN, it was to die for.

The kids had the kids menus and played Tic Tac Toe. They all said the food was good. TST:Be sure to take the kids menus to the country store when your done. When they show the cashier there menu they get a free candy stick. How cool is that!

Before we got to Eckert’s today I had Promise the kids Frozen Custard but I thought they might had forgot. We come out of the restaurant and some older woman has Frozen Custard. Princess Layla says Aren’t we getting frozen custard with this sad look on her face? I said yes it just slides right down. (My grandmas saying.) We had over and I knew what I wanted. A Strawberry Concrete, yummm.


We finished our Frozen Custard and headed home. The kids were Tired and I was tired. Our day at Eckert’s was amazing. We will definitely be visiting the farm in the future. It’s some place I’m going to be taking Simon when he comes home. He will love the All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken.


Disclosure: We were a guest of Eckert’s for the day but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Hey I'm Lea. I always love traveling, going to events and working with brands. My fiance Simon, lives in England but visits all the time. We have 3 adopted children Lex, Layla and Liam.
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Hey I'm Lea. I always love traveling, going to events and working with brands. My fiance Simon, lives in England but visits all the time. We have 3 adopted children Lex, Layla and Liam.

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